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British artists flying the flag

All work on display is the work of British artists Finding the artist or gallery couldn't be easier, go straight to the Site Index or go to the Categories buttons above and browse the categories.The categories are listed in the country where the artist or gallery is based. When you have found an artist or gallery that you would like to visit just click the link that is with the artists or galleries details. To return here from any page within this site just click the Home button in the top left corner of the page. For MAC users if you encounter any problems with anything on the site could you please email me now.

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Paintings by Heather Murphy

Lesley & Baggy

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Paintings by the artist Heather Murphy

Grand Union

Mike Jeffries TransportArt

AEC Tinfront Sam Anderson


My website depicts the lorries, buses, trams and tractors of the classic years of road transport in Great Britain before the age of Motorways in landscapes and townscapes now only a memory. I have been painting vehicles for the last forty years and although my originals are in prestigious collections my prices are still within the reach of most people.


Yellowgates AEC

Yellowgates AEC
Thames Trader Tipper 1960

Thames Trader Tipper 1960
John Deere Rowcrop

John Deere Rowcrop
Scammell Pioneer 1942

Scammell Pioneer 1942
RT 994

RT 994
Mike Jeffries Transport artist

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Artist Penny Golledge shows some paintings

Golden Lab

  • Site Name: Penny G Designs
  • Site description: An exhibition of original and commercial art work by New Forest artist Penny Golledge
  • Penny's work includes many different types of subject and also designs for CDs and beer labels.
  • Penny Golledge Mixed media artist

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Paintings by Penny Golledge

On the edge

For all Artists. This site is for visual art that includes paintings, prints, sculpture, montage, ceramics and work like that. It also supports life studies however it will not support filth. If the work is not ART as in this definition it will not be listed.

If you are a British Amateur, Semi-Professional, Professional Artist or Art Gallery you can choose which display and payment option you require with by clicking the About link. If you have no method of online payment you can also register with our sister site for a free listing.

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